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Tips for Preventing Car Lockout Situations

A car lockout situation is very frustrating, one moment of distraction and you find yourself standing out of a locked vehicle the keys to which lay unreachable inside.
There is a wide range of circumstances in which a car lockout situation may develop. It may be a malfunction in the vehicle’s central locking system, it may be a problem with your car remote or key, it may be a simple case of locking the keys inside the passenger compartment or trunk.

Whatever has led up to you being locked out of your car the result is similar, you are no longer able to get in and drive away as you had planned to do. Most of us lead fairly busy lives, the set back a car lock out situation possess is therefore a real problem.

Once you are in a car lockout situation you will want a reliable, quick auto locksmith service to solve it for you. But there is much that can be done in advance in order to prevent such an occurrence altogether. In the next paragraphs we will give you some pointers as to how to avoid a car lockout.

Where are Your Keys?

Many car lockouts occur due to car keys being left in the ignition switch, on a chair, dashboard or in the trunk. Although it may be difficult to lock the vehicle without the keys this may happen with certain types of anti theft systems or due to malfunctions in central door locking mechanism with which virtually all cars today are equipped.
The good news is that you can easily train yourself to make sure you have your car keys with you when you exit your car or when you shut its trunk. Getting used to carrying your car keys in a certain place for instance, attaching something to your key chain to make it a bit heavier and bulkier will make it harder for you not to notice that you do not have them on your person.

Make Sure Locking Systems are Flawless

Faulty central locking systems or run down batteries (both the car battery as well as the battery in your car remote or key) may be responsible for a car lockout. If you suspect there may be a problem do not postpone getting it checked out, simple maintenance may prevent much frustration lurking down the road.

Never Place Your Car Keys In the Trunk

Closing the trunk while the keys are inside may lead to a car lockout. It is a good idea to avoid placing the keys themselves, or a bag in which they are stored, in the trunk. If you have stepped out of your car and are getting something out of, or placing something into the trunk, leave your keys in your pocket or in your hand or next to you (just do not forget to pick them up once you are done and begin to walk away).

Have a Spare Set of Keys Available

Gone are the days of storing a magnetically attached spare key somewhere on the outside of the vehicle itself, still you can make certain there is a spare set of keys you can fetch or that can be sent over. Keep such a set in your office, at home and give one to a close friend or relative.

Finally, if you do find yourself in a car lock out situation it will help if you have the number of a reliable auto locksmith service provider handy.